Empowering Women to Know Their Value & Claim Their Worth!

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I help women recognize and embrace their own greatness

I help them break through emotional blocks that have been preventing them from being their best self and creating the life they desire.

I save women in years of trial and error by helping them avoid common mistakes that are made in life and business.

I give them simple and practical tools to be to able to influence, negotiate and go after what they want.

I empower women to give themselves permission to take time off and experience their life as a journey rather than a race.

I Empower Women to Know Their Value and Claim Their Worth!

Mina Shah – Speaker, strategic business consultant, and Founder of the Mina Meetings. Mina Shah has spoken to over 1400 groups and consulted with over 170 business owners. Through her experience working with people all over the country she saw a real need for for a place that women could go to sharpen their professional and communication skills so they could learn how to stand on their own two feet emotionally and financially. She founded the Mina Meetings where women come through an amazing year long program that “Empowers Women to Know Their Value and Claim Their Worth.” In a safe, fun, and real environment women learn how to Speak Confidently, Act Boldly, and Live Courageously. In 2018 Mina will begin facilitator training to be able to bring the mina meetings to women all over the world.

Prior to starting her own business Mina worked as the only female on Tony Robbins elite team of speakers who spoke around the country on his behalf inspiring people to come to his events. While working at Robbins, Mina won the President’s Award as well as the Platinum Award for her performance and contribution.

She speaks English, Farsi and Spanish. Some of her personal achievements include taking a 7 month trip around the world during which she climbed the highest mountain in SE Asia as well and completed a 12 day trek in the Himalayas.

Mina Shah believes that empowering women with the confidence to say no to what they don’t want, so they can gracefully and unapologetically speak up for what they do want, gives them the power to make a change in their own lives, the lives of others, and ultimately in the world.

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